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主办机构:中国国际贸易促进委员会农业行业分会 (农业农村部农业贸易促进中心) | 海外协办:美国海洋展览公司 Sea Fare Expositions, Inc.

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活动组织:中国渔业互保协会 中国渔业互助保险社 中国摄影出版传媒有限责任公司

活动时间:2023年10月25日 10:30-16:30 2023年10月26-27日 09:30-16:30


活动内容:“大美渔村 平安渔业”中国渔业摄影展品牌自创立以来,致力于展示中国悠久灿烂的渔文化,宣传现代渔业的成就和风貌。 本次摄影展示活动中的精美作品将展现传统与现代交织的渔业、渔村、渔民之美,人类与自然和谐共生的壮丽画卷,通过摄影人的视角诠释中国渔文化的深厚独特精彩,以及保护水域生态环境的重要性。我们希望呼吁社会各界共同保护海洋和内陆水域资源,保障渔民安全与福祉,为中国渔业可持续发展共同努力。 欢迎您莅临现场欣赏中国渔业摄影的无限魅力!


Capture the Splendor of Chinese Fishing Culture through Photography

Organizers: China Fishery Mutual Insurance Association

China Fishery Mutual Insurance Corporation

China Photographic Publishing & Media Co., Ltd.

Opening Hours: 10:30-16:30 | October 25, 2023

09:30-16:30 | October 26-27, 2023

Venue: Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center

1F, Convention Center of Coastal Tower Hotel

The "Beautiful Fishing Village, Peaceful Fisheries", Chinese Fisheries Photography Exhibition brand, has been committed to showcasing China's rich and vibrant fishing culture, promoting the achievements and landscapes of modern fisheries. The exquisite works featured in this photography exhibition will portray the harmonious coexistence of traditional and modern fisheries, fishing villages and fishermen, creating a magnificent tableau through lenses that underscores the profound and unique splendor of Chinese fishing culture. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of protecting aquatic ecological environments. We hope to rally all sectors of society to join us in the collective effort to safeguard marine and inland water resources, ensure the safety and well-being of fishermen, and contribute to the sustainable development of China's fisheries.

We cordially invite you to come and appreciate the boundless charm of Chinese fisheries photography!